Sunday, March 15, 2009

Thoughts on the Big Dance

The NCAA Selection Committee has spoken and some teams are happy and others are not going to be happy for some time. Here are OTWT first thoughts on the just released brackets.
  • For a team that might have been the last at large in Arizona has a game that no one is going to be scared of Utah.
  • I would not be surprised to see Utah State beat a fast sliding Marquette.
  • For all of the talk of Maryland being on the edge of the bubble, it looks like they were safely in the tournament as a 10 seed.
  • Wisconsin is the type of team that is going to give Florida State some issues.
  • Portland State vs. the X-Men. Don't sleep on Portland State. They are the have beaten some good teams this year, including a win at Gonzaga.
  • This year Western Kentucky beat the number one overall seed Louisville, so playing Illinois will not be that intimidating.
  • I understand how the Big East has been the greatest conference in the history of the world, but how could three teams be number one seeds. I just don't understand how the third best team in a conferences warrants being a number one seed. Two teams from one conference is hard to take. I think that you should at least win your conference to be considered for a number one seed. I would have love to seen Memphis as the final number one.
  • Final Four at first glance: North Carolina, Memphis, Pittsburgh, Louisville.
  • I do know this. The tournament is always fun and will be again this year.

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