Tuesday, March 03, 2009

It's all about the Benjamins

On Friday NFL free agency started and teams all over the league started throwing money around like it was confetti. Players who you associated with teams forever changed teams, one in particular really shook me to the core. Brian Dawkins signing with the Broncos. It was not supposed to that way, Weapon X was supposed to be a bird for life and have his number retired at the Link. He has given his heart and soul to the team, from the bone crushing hits to the great leadership, but something changed.

After the NFC Title Game Dawkins stood in front of the media and apologized for the loss and another loss chance at Super Bowl glory. So what happened between late January and Saturday afternoon. One thing, well actually 9 million things. For all of the love that Weapon X showed for the fans of Philly, he proved that he is just like every player in the league out there for the money. I'm not saying that Dawkins did not deserve the money and in the future to have his number hanging above the Link, but lets get over this notion that he is such a special player that wanted to spend his career with the Birds. He got a better deal and quicker then you can say salary cap he was on his way to Denver for $9 million guaranteed on a five year deal.

For all of the people that wanted to kill the birds for not giving him the money, lets be honest with ourselves a five year deal for a 35 year old, you can not do it good faith. Lets go back to the start of the season when Dawkins looked like he could not play anymore, sure he was super over the last five games, but his body of work was not the best this year and we was not even the player in his own defensive backfield.

The Bird made the right move and for all of the people talking about what a bad decision this is, just remember Brett Farve retired as a jet, Joe Montana retired as chief, and many other have the same story to tell. We will never forget B'Dawk and when is done we will all welcome him back with open arms and celebrate his great career, but later this year when he comes in with the Broncos, I don't want to see any tears out of him, maybe he can use one of the $9 million he has to wipe them.

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