Friday, January 30, 2009

Where have you gone Loren Woods?

Arizona and Wake Forest fans all over United States are wondering one thing: ""Where has Loreen Woods gone?"" Ok well maybe that is not true. But the answer to the question is Zalgiris Kaunas of the Euroleague. Yes the Euroleague.

The Euroleague is one of the professional basketball competitions in Europe with teams from thirteen different European countries. Kinda like the Champions League of Basketball.

Woods is part of a small community in the Euroleague, players that were ok in college making big money playing in the Euroleague. One look at the rosters of the teams and it reads like a who's who's of over rated college players.

Here are just a couple of these things:
  • Former Villanova guard Mike Nardi, who is Joe Wolf's Vertical Jumps's wife least favorite player of all time, is now playing for Air Avellino in Italy.
  • Former Duke uber-recruit Joey Beard, who ended up transfering to Boston Uninversity, is now playing at AJ Olimipia Milano in Italy.
  • Former Stanford guard Casey Jacobsen, who was a first round pick in the NBA draft, is now playing at ALBA Berlin in Germany.
  • Former Duke guard Trajan Langdon, one of my least favorite players of all time, is now playing for CSKA Moscow.
  • Former St. John's point guard Omar Cook, a poster child for not leaving early for the NBA, is now using his skills at Unicaja Malaga in Spain.
These are just a few of the American players that have made their impact on the European game, at first I thought most these guys were no longer player. If anyone is interested in seeing Casey Jacobsen on TV the NBA Network shows some Euroleague games on Saturday.

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champ said...

A lot of potential Nba players are moving to the euro league now. I watched European game the other day, it was actually surprisingly exciting. The few games i've watched have gone down to the wire and theres some decent shooters out there shooting from way outside the 3


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