Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Really Super Sunday

Some sports days are better then others and Sunday was one of them. United vs. Chelski, Eagles vs. Giants in the divisional round, and then North Carolina vs. Wake Forest. With all of the games it will be a three shirt day. Here is a time line of the days events:

9:19: Church is over pregame meal time.
9:59: Pregame meal finished. Ihop country fried stake skillet. Can not beat that.
10:30: Just finished skimming the Sunday papers, its only an half an hour till the day gets rolling.
11:00: A sign at the Theatre of Dreams: Viva John Terry. Surprised by Neville seeing the field today.
11:05: Really Ian Dowie, no Robbie Earle. This is not good at all.
11:21: Ashley Cole is a bitch. Very simple
11:32: This is starting to really kick off.
11:43: Chelski seem like they are starting to get going
11:50: We got our goal, Vidic and Really Super Saturday is off to a good start.
Noon: Half time got the bathrooms trip out of the way and got the drink. Ready for the second half of United/Chelski.
12:27: The Rooney with the goal. But Park has been our best player, his work rate is amazing.
12:35: Drogba blows another chance. What a shock.
12:45: I wonder what the Special One thinks of the Gene Hakman, Big Phil.
12:55: Berba, 3-0. Change shirt, change location. Good start to the Really Super Sunday.
1:20: Second round under way and Eagels get a good hold. My hands are shaking not a good sign.
1:30: Birds have the lead. This is going well. Almost too well.
1:45: So good. Wow you could not ask for a better start for the birds.
1:50: Now the giants fans at the place I'm at, are starting to get pissed, gotta love the tag of favorites.
2:06: Wow the birds could not play worst and still have the lead.
2:45: Wow they have been terrible and still have the lead. I can not believe that. What the hell.
3:20: I really should have taken up something different for a hobby. This way to stressful. Eagles have the lead back. This is nuts. Heart rate on verge of going off the chart.
3:50: Birds up two scores and feel nervous. This is not healthy.
4:10: Wow three weeks a going to the NFC Championship Game seemed like a pipe dream. Now its a reality.
5: For some reason I have no emotional involvement in the Chargers v. Steelers game and just saw a quick kick, what an amazing day.
6:20: Third shirt of the day, North Carolina, is on and ready to go. Let's hope the Heels do what United and the Eagles have already done. Win.
8:00: Carolina vs. Wake Forest in HD. This day is getting better and better.
8:22: Wow this Wake team is better then I thought. Saw them during one of the Thanksgiving time and they were ok never, not this good. Jeff Teague is a player.
8:54: The Heels finally got the lead. Have not played well but now have the lead.
9:20: The second half of the final game is underway. Let's go Heels.
9:34: Starting to show affects of the day but trying to hang in there till the end.
9:45: Wow is Jeff Teague is reminding me of the performance of Randolph Childress put in at ACC Tournament a bunch of years ago.
10:08: So the Heels are not going with the plan today. But two out of three ain't bad.

Wow what a day, lots of yelling at the TV and text messages on the Blackberry but in the end it has been well worth it with United showing that they are not going to give up their Barclay's Premier League title and the Birds going to the NFC title game. Wow.

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