Thursday, November 20, 2008

Ties and Tattoos

Wow a couple of weeks ago, wifey and I decided to take the plunge, no not get married cause we already did that, but instead move into the 21st century of TV. So we decided to step up and purchase a High Def TV and boy has my sports life been different since then.

Gone are the days are watching regular TV, now its about all about sports in HD. My life has been changed for ever both in a positive and a negative way.

Since the HD has come into my life I have stopped communicating with the outside work, hey there is too much HD sports on to even think about talking to people. Earlier today, my friend over at Sox and Phils sent me a message asking me if I have given up on Only Time Will Tell, my answer was easy ""No, I've not had that much time because of the amount of HD sports that I have been watching.''

But with all of the positives of the HD, there are a couple of negatives: ties and tattoos. On regular TV both ties and tattoos look blurry and really not that interesting, but in HD it's a different story. Now ties look brighter and more detailed, which is not always a good things. Some on air personalities need to have their heads examined when they pick out their ties.
With College Basketball season starting, there are all kinds of tattoos on HD and sometimes you wonder why a person would put that on their body. With HD every tattoo looks detailed, which makes you question some of these players choices.
So its back to the HD for the rest of the night the 'Canes are on .

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