Monday, November 24, 2008

Thank you

So this is it I guess, the era is over.

The last decade has been great to be a fan of the birds, from the domination of the NFC East to the Super Bowl it has been a great time to be a fan. But now the era appears to be over after Andy Reid decided to bench Mc5 for the second half the of the Bird implosion to the Ravens.

It always painful to see the end of something, like a relationship, it never seems to the end the way that you think it would. At the start of the year, I like most Birds fans thought that this year would be a great season even maybe a trip to Tampa for the Super Bowl. But it has not happened like that, the tie versus the Bengals and then the mess that was Sunday, have made the season almost painful to watch.

If this is the end, its been a great roller coaster ride for the Reid/Mc5 era.

From draft day, where some birds fan wanted the best pot head in the world, Rickie Williams to the loss to the Bucs in the NFC Champions game during the last game at the Vet, to the Super Bowl, to the T.O. mess, to Jeff Garcia saving the season it has been a ride that many people including myself will never forget.

This has been the best era for the birds ever, anyone who says differently is dead wrong.

Reid is one of the few coaches in the history of the NFL to have over 100 regular season wins. His coaching tree is continuing to grow with two current assistance having head coaching jobs and Jimmie Johnson being one of the most respected assistants in the league. When he took over almost a decade ago, he did things right, draft Mc5 out of Syracuse and then built a great team. Remember that Mc5 is the only QB from that 1999 draft class to still be a player in the league, and Dante Culpepper does not count. When people start talking about how bad Reid has been just remember it could have been Jim Haslett.

As for Mc5 where do you start, he is the best QB that the Eagles have ever seen and there is no arguing that. He has been the face of the franchise and done things that a decade ago seemed unreachable. If this is the end of the road in green for Mc5, it was great decade and it will never be forgotten.

So if this is the end, thank you again and let the overhaul being.

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