Thursday, October 02, 2008

Oh no not again

In College Football there really are not that many certain things, but one of those certain things is that if Notre Dame wins 10 games they will be taking part in the a BCS game and with a record of 3-1 they might be on their way to returning to a show case game.

I know what people are saying, they can not be good enough to play in a BCS game, but they do not have to, just get ranked high enough and they will be there.

One look at their remaining schedule and it seems like 10 wins is not that far off, and you better believe that if the they get to 10 wins they will be ranked in the top 10 in country.

Here is there remaining schedule:
  • Stanford: now that is a win
  • North Carolina: the game that might derails their BCS chance, but a young heels teams, so an Irish win is not out of the question.
  • Washington: They are terrible and without do it all QB Jake Locker might mean a 30 point win.
  • Pitt: A win here is something that should be expected.
  • Boston College: This Eagles team is not as good as last years.
  • Navy: A game they should win
  • Syracuse: Might be the worst BCS Conference team in the country.
  • USC: That might be a tough ask.
Just by looking at the schedule asking the Irish to go 7-1 is not out of the question and if that happens say hello to a Notre Dame vs. Alabama Sugar Bowl. Wow that game has 34-10 'Bama written all over it.

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