Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Maybe Spurs are that Bad

Maybe everyone was wrong.

Maybe Spurs are really this bad.

Last night after dinner, I went down to the Only Time Will Tell offices and watched Spurs UEFA Cup game and EPL game and one thing became clear, maybe they are what their record says they are.

Sure they spent a ton of money on the likes of Bentley, Giovani, Pavlyuchenko and Modric. But maybe these players are not worth the money that they paid for them.

One things is starting to become obvious, Spurs lack that creative midfielder that can control the play. Three years ago they had that in Michael Carrick but they sold to Manchester United and since them they have not been the same, sure they received a nice sum of money, but in the end they might have been better off keeping him and moving forward.

Once Spurs solve their midfield problem they will again be a force, but until they do, they will continue to under achieve.

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