Saturday, August 09, 2008

Fun with Facebook: Clemson Football

Clemson is your traditional southern school, they have tons of passion for their beloved Tigers. From Howard Rock to the Little John fans sport their teams in a major way and on Facebook that is no different. Fans of the Orange clad tigers have showed their love for their team on Facebook and some people who are not huge fans of the school have also showed their views on the Tigers. In Only Time Will Tell ongoing Fun with Facebook we focus on Clemson Football.

Here are some of the more interesting Facebook groups dedicated to Clemson Football:

  • Clemson and The Most Exciting 25 Seconds in College Football: ""Drive the buses around the stadium, rub Howard's rock, and run out onto the field to play to the tune of tigerrag.Without question the most exciting 25 seconds in college football, in the loudest stadium in America!yeah, it's kinda a big deal...,'' according to the description of the group. It's truly one of the great things about college football. Members 1,157.
  • People Who Want Clemson To Have A Real Tiger: ""This is a group for people who believe that Clemson University needs a real tiger at Death Valley during the home football games. This is an official petition that will be used for a project to get Clemson a real tiger. Join this group if you support the idea and would like to see a real tiger prowl around his cage, growl, and claw only to add so much more intensity and make Death Valley a truely intimidating place for the visiting teams!,'' according to the groups description. Members 853.
  • Choke, the official drink of the Clemson Tigers: This must be a South Carolina fan. "This group is for everyone who enjoyed watching Will Proctor, Jad Dean, and the rest of the Clemson Tigers choke in the 4th quarter against the Gamecocks at the end of the game. USC- 31, Clemson-28 Go Cocks!,'' according to the description. Members 436.
  • Clemson Girls are Hotter than Carolina Girls!!!: Its the south and is their a description needed. Members 306.

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