Thursday, July 03, 2008

UEFA makes another mistakes

While one of the greatest European Championships just wrapped up, UEFA is doing their best to make sure the next couples are a disaster. The executive committees of soccer’s European governing body have decided to expand the field from 16 to 24 teams by the 2018 event. By doing this UEFA is going to water down the tournament. The things that make the tournament great is that there are no lite weights, every game counts. Most of the games in the tournament are between top 10 teams in the world, which is something that the World Cup can not even say.

By increasing the number of teams it will devalue the group stages. No more groups of death like Group C this years and lesser teams that should not be at the big show will be there, like most notably England.

Part of the joy of tournaments like the Euros and the World Cup is the qualification process, during every major tournament there is a major country that does not qualify and by increasing the teams you are limiting that chance. So please Mr. Frog do not increase the teams.

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