Wednesday, July 16, 2008

An Ode To Packer's Points

For more then two and half decades the first Monday of April could mean only one thing Jim Nantz and Billy Packer and come that date this year that will not be case. CBS has decided to drop the aging Packer for Clark Kellogg for their coverage of college basketball.

As people in the media continue to talk about all of the negatives things that Packer has said like:
  • Calling then Georgetown star guard Allen Iverson a "Tough Monkey."
  • Having a fight with 2004 St. Joe's team
  • Going after mid-majors for the last two decades.

But I will be one of the few people that will miss Nantz asking Packer for his Packer's Points. I know some hate him and for good reason, he is a tough person to enjoy, but for some of us who have just broken into our early 30's Packer was the voice of the tournament.

"They won it on the Dunk,'' was Packer famous words to end the N.C. State vs. Houston final in '83 and after Arizona forward Miles Simon carried his Wildcats to the title Packer said: "Simons says....Championship.''

While Kellogg will bring a young hip voice to the final four, lets not forget Packer and some of his memorable moments.

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