Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I Don't Even Know Where To Begin....

Few people have had the sports year that Endy in the Outfield has had. First Liverpool are beaten by Chelski in the Champions League Semi-final, then the Mets turn into a team that can not get out of its own way. It has been a tough year for one of the members of the tailgating crew.
By Endy in the Outfield

The past few days I have spent wondering.
Wondering what is going on with my Mets.
Wondering if Willie Randolph was still caring about the team.
Wondering if anyone had seen Jose Reyes.
Wondering when David Wright was going to step up and be the vocal leader in the clubhouse. Wondering when the injury bug was going to stop.
And most importantly, wondering if its a crime to steal $16 million the way Carlos Delgado had.

It pains me even more to realize that this team is doing nothing this year. Nothing indicates they will bust out of this disgusting .500 we don't care baseball they have been playing. So for the rest of the season, it looks like Mets fans everywhere will have to put up with this shit for another 3 months, football season starts in September right when the Mets season will be ending.

Which should lead to one VERY interesting off season. One thing is for sure, the following Mets can email Endy in the Outfield ( for one way tickets to their home towns courtesy of Only Time Will Tell (thank you stimulus check for making this possible): Aaron Heilman, Mike Pelfrey, Scott Schoenweis, Claudio Vargas, Raul Casanova, Luis Castillo, Fernando Tatis, and Alou and El Duque (I think both are already home). And for Carlos Delgado, first class accommodations if you'll get the fuck out of New York.

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