Sunday, May 11, 2008

D-Day in the EPL

Since mid August teams have been battling for the throphy with the crown on it and it came down to last day. Here are some random thoughts during the day.
  • As a United fan it started really well as at church the priest was dressed in his best reds. Was that a good omen,we will all know later.
  • Nothing is like the final day, drama all over the table. Hey Liverpool would never say that because they treat fourth like the new first.
  • Not a great day for John Terry, first he wears the wrong shorts for the new jersey's then he does not make it to the end of the first half because of a serious arm injury.
  • Peter Cech looked like a big orange in the new Chelski goal keeping shirt.
  • Glad to see Gary Megson is sporting the latest in Cheslski hats.
  • I guess the players at Man City really wanted Sven back 8 -1. I guess that is a no.
  • It's a great day for all the Joe Wolf's Vertical Jump Family as United are crowned champions and Fulham USA avoid the Fizzy Pop League.
  • Every year people talk about great escapes. Is Fulham's escape up there with West Ham from last year and West Brom from a couple of years ago?
  • Everyone kills FSC for their coverage of the EPL but props to them for going to the Setanta coverage of the trophy presentation.
  • I know it's in Italy but are Inter going through the greatest choke ever.

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