Thursday, April 03, 2008

Professional Tailgating: Hey there was bunting

Earlier season baseball can mean only one thing issues with the weather and that was no different today as the Only Time Will crew took a day off from work and went to the Phillies vs. Expos (Nationals) game in the cold and wind. Sure the Expos/Nationals lost, but we are still tied for first in the division.

You know its spring when you see a Major League Baseball field for the first time.
A wall details the Phillies recent history, I checked and there was no mention of Steve Jeltz and his great hair.
Rudy Seanez's new home.
Baseball fans can be messy

I still can not believe Omar traded L Mills to the Expos/Nationals, I know that Endy in the Outfield is still not happy about it. Enjoy Ryan Church and that overrated, overpaid catcher you got back.


Christine said...

So, who won this game?

Christine said...

D'oh, was that there the whole time? Me no read so good.