Wednesday, April 09, 2008

AAAAAAAAAAAAnnnnnnddddd Good Afternoon Everybody!!!

By Endy in the Outfield
Ah yes, everyone's favorite drive home sports talk radio tag team, Mike and the Maddog. If you live in the tri-state area (or have YES on your satellite dish) you hear these 4 beautiful words every weekday at 1:05 PM. While not everyone loves them you have to admit they get you to listen everyday. Some listen to hear the genius that is (at least he thinks hes a genius) Mike Francessa and his knowledge on all sports, while most just listen to get pissed off at Chris "The Angry Puppy" Russo. For nearly 20 years Mike and the Pup have been one of the most popular radio shows in the New York area. So to show my appreciation to the diet coke guzzling Francessa and the insane San Fransisco Giants fan Chris Russo (San Fran? I thought the show was in New York?) I've picked a couple classic Youtube videos of the guys talking sports and going at it as hard as they can.

Who can forget this classic Dog interview with Yankees GM Brian Cashman. Watch as the puppy disses Cashman's acquisitions of Cory Lidle, Kyle Farnsworth, Jaret Wright and others. I don't know whats worse, Cashman defending players like Farnsworth and Lidle, or the dog completely ripping into Cory Lidle. I'd fly a plane into a building after hearing Dog's rant too.

Sure when the Jets lose Joe Beningo of the Beningo and Roberts show says it ruins the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. But when the San Fransisco Giants lose (San Fran? I could SWEAR this show took place in New York) Doggy takes it to a whole other level. Hide the women and children.

Even Letterman loves these fuckers. Keep your shirt on A-Rod.

Did I mention Mike loves the Inge?

Although it pains me to watch this clip, you gotta say Mike, Dog, and the Mink singing "Meet the Mets" is priceless. Now if they could only get Tom Glavine to take up flying lessons

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