Thursday, March 13, 2008

I want to move to Bracketville

Eight years ago Nike introduced one of the best ad campaigns ever "Bracketville."

It was only around for one year and boy do I wish that they would bring it back. The Bracketville town was based on the teams that were in the NCAA tournament. The residents of the towns were all mascots and the mayor was a former NCAA champions. Nothing could be better then watching mascots do normal day stuff like cook and go shopping.

"Bracketville is a basketball-obsessed town, where a basketball net proudly swings from the town flagpole and college basketball brackets are painted on the streets,'' according to one advertising Web site.

The slogan for the town was "stay as long as you can" and that year North Carolina did not stay that long going out to Penn State in the second round of the South Regional. So as all of the mascots get ready for the dance can Nike please allow them to move back into Bracketville.

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