Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Legend

Few mascots have had to deal with the issues that Youppi has had to deal with. Some think that he is gay, while for years he was left team less after his team bolted for another city. To make things worst, Youppi was also the butt of many jokes, few people respected him as one of the great baseball mascots.

After the Expos, left he started working for the Montreal Canadians, according to the some reports the deal between the Expos and Canadians was six figures. But something was not right, he should have made the trip to the Washington, it would have been great to see him in our nation’s capital.

When you talk about great mascots few people mention the big orange mess that was Youppi, which is why he was selected as next member of the Only Time Will Tell Mascot Madness group. Just remember he is one of three mascots in the Baseball Hall of Fame, which is more then can be said about Mr. Met.

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