Wednesday, February 20, 2008

It's never too early for BCS Predictions

After ten weeks off from College Football, it’s about to return with the start of spring practice. All of the underclassman that wanted to declare for the draft have and signing day has passed, it’s time for some early 2008-2009 BCS Bowl Projections.

Orange Bowl: Rutgers (Big East Champion) vs. Clemson (ACC Champion)
Rose Bowl: Ohio State (Big 10 Champion) vs. Arizona State (Pac10 at large)
Fiesta Bowl: Oklahoma (Big 12 Champion) vs. BYU (Mountain West Champion)
Sugar: Florida (SEC at large) vs. Missouri (Big 12 at large)
National Championship Game: Georgia (SEC Champion) vs. USC (Pac10 Champion)

It's never too earlier think about college football.

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