Friday, January 18, 2008

Training to hold a clip board

All during the playoffs, Brady Quinn has been appearing on our television sets telling us all how great EAS is. During the course of his first NFL season EAS has appeared to help Quinn a great deal, a quick look at his stats shows that: 3 of 8 for 45 yards in the one game that he played in. Not bad for a player that some people called the most ready college quarterback to be in the 2007 NFL Draft.

I guess Quinn has to take EAS after his work out in order to have the strength to carry Derek Anderson helmet and the clipboard. I bet Quinn is really trying to get as strong as his brother-in-law Green Bay Packers linebacker AJ Hawk.

Quinn should continue to follow Hulk Hogans advice and Train, say your prayers, eat your vitamins, and take EAS Myoplex to be the best clipboard holder you can be.

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