Thursday, January 03, 2008

Dueling All Stars Game

Six years ago the thought of one high school football all star game seemed a little much, but this year there will be dueling high school football all star games. The first All Star Game to come along was the US Army All American Game in San Antonio, then this year ESPN decided to do their own in the Under Armour All American Game in Orlando.

The dueling all Star games also show the growth of high school football on the national level over the last couple of years. Any weekend during the high school season, you can find a variety of high schools games on different networks like Fox College Sports and ESPN U. Promoters have even gotten involved in creating national match ups like South Lake Carroll and Miami Northwestern, from earlier this year.

The one thing that continues to drive high school football on a national basis is that the high school seniors of today are the college superstars of tomorrow. In this Internet driven world people want to know, as ESPN would say, "Who is Next.'' So the days of the Big 33 Classic and other state vs. state all star showcases being the only show on TV are coming to an end quickly.

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