Monday, December 10, 2007

Tim Tebow = the new J.J. Reddick

Two years ago, college sports got rid of the most annoying player in the history of the sports, JJ Reddick. Now this year, we have the second coming of JJ in Tim Tebow.

If you love the Gators he is the greatest thing. He is perfect, he was home schooled, he plays with injuries, he is the greatest leader, he gets good grades in class and he just makes plays with a smile on his face.

As a person that hated Reddick, Tebow is the same thing, annoying. Both have won various players of the year during their times and both have questions about what they do with their spare times. They both also like gladiator movies.

So please, Tim after next season just leave for the NFL so I can continue to hate you. Just like Reddick, Tebow haters will have their revenge, when he goes to the next level.


O'Brien Pundit said...

It's great that Tebow won the Heisman, but I think that it's even greater that he won the Davey O'Brien Award. The Heisman represents only on the field accomplishments, while the O'Brien takes into account how a player performs on AND OFF the field. Now, THAT'S something I can respect.

Anonymous said...

I think you're jealous of successful people. Might want to stop whining about them and do something to better yourself in life because you just sound like a loser.