Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Mack Brown's players are spoiled

The streets of the University of Texas are so dangerous that football players can not walk to practice. Each day the football team boards private buses to take them to practice, because of some dangerous intersections, wow are these guys 2-years old or 18/19-year olds.

This year Texas is spending more then a $100 million on the athletic department, a third of the spending is on the football program.
I know in college I was lazy but not walking a block or so to practice, now that is out of control.
Besides taking the bus to practice the athletic department also likes to spend money on the entertainment items for the players.
  • "Following its Rose Bowl victory, the football team was rewarded with a $200,000 renovation of its players lounge, a retreat with four TV projectors (screens drop from the ceiling at the push of a button embedded in a six-foot replica of the UT tower), six flat screen TVs, four X-boxes and three PlayStations, according to the report. "Two floors down, the football locker room boasts another new lounge area, with five flat-screen TVs and a three-dimensional, lighted 20-foot Longhorn on the ceiling."
Wow, in college I used to have an old Nintendo 64 to play Mario Cart on and our dorm lounge had an old dirty stove and really ugly couch. I think that I should have been a football player at Texas, but we all know that was never going to happen.

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