Friday, September 21, 2007

A Song from the Terraces

The best thing about English soccer is that the fans have such a passion for it. The fans in the stands love to spend the whole game singing away about the other team or anything else that comes to mind. Some of the songs are not that nice, while other will make you laugh out loud. There are two things that English fans like to sing about Manchester United and Posh Spice.

Here are some examples of great songs to come from the terrace section of soccer stadiums.


  • 12 went up, 7 died, now Man U play 5-a-side (a chant they sing about Manchester United and the Munich air disaster some 50 years ago.)
  • Feed a scouser, Let them know its Christmas time. (singing about everyone favorite group the scousers)
  • If we see you on a corner with a red-scarf round your neck,Chelsea boys will come and get you and we'll break your f*&*#ing legs. (about seeing a nice Arsenal fan in the street).

Leeds United

  • Robbie Fowler!He's a smackhead!He's a smackhead!Robbie Fowler!He's a smackhead!He's a smackhead! (singing about former Leeds Hit man and coke head Robbie Fowler).
  • Posh Spice is a slapper,She wears a big fat jewel,And when she's shagging Beckham,She thinks of Harry Kewell! (singing about former Manchester United own Golden Balls)


  • Posh Spice...She takes it up the arse,She takes it up the arse,She takes it up the arse,Posh spice... (the Kop singing about Posh Spice)
  • Six died... so they played five-a-side,at the Munich air disaster. (more Munich jokes)
  • Gary Neville shag's his mother and his father and his brother,and his brother...all the Neviles shag each other, they're all inbred. (The kop really does not like Gary Neville)

Manchester United

  • He's red, he's white,He knew that Leeds were shite,Cantona, Cantona. (after the French left Leeds and moved to United)
  • Viera, oweeeeeohViera, oweeeeeohHe wins his team the ball,And Arsenal win fcuk all,Viera, oweeeeeoh (singing about former Arsenal Captain Patrick Viera.)

A complete list of all chants of Europe can be found here.

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