Tuesday, August 07, 2007

An American and the EPL

After a summer filled with weddings, vacation and family events its time to start one of my favorite times of the year: the start of the Barclay's English Premier League.This could be the best season ever for the great shows on earth.

Here is a look at upcoming season from a overgrown child living in New Jersey.
  • Game most likely to produce a pitch invasion: Liverpool vs. Manchester at Old Trafford. Gabby Heinze scores the winner for the Kop and then celebrates in front of the Strafford End.

  • First Player to see the paddy wagon: Lee Bowyer of West Ham, hey he once punched his own team mate.

  • Uglies Strike Force in the EPL: That is an easy one: Rooney and Scare Face.

  • How does the year end for Tony Soprano look alike Martin Jol end: I'm going to go with a Journey Song playing and him still believe that he can make the Champion League.

  • Teams headed to the Fizz Pop league: Derby (It tells you something when a player would rather stay in MLS then play for them), Birmingham (Steve Bruce still can not manage in the EPL), and Wigan (escaped last year, next year it will be Coke for all).

  • Champions: Manchester United, what did you think that I was going to pick Liverpool.

  • Teams to the Champions League: United, Chelski, Liverpool, and Arsenal.

  • UEFA Cup: Spurs, Portsmouth, and Blackburn.

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