Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Surreal Life: Sports Edition

With wrestling legend Randy Savage being named to the next season of VH1's Surreal Life cast, you can not help but wonder who make up a sports version of the house. Here are a couple of people that would make a up a great Surreal Life sports cast.
  • Eric Cantona (right): The Former Manchester United Great know for kicking a Crystal Palace fans and his crazy weird personality.
  • Anthony Young: The Former Mets Pitcher that once lost 27 consecutive games, every one of these houses needs some type of looser.
  • Barry Switzer: Every house needs a red neck that will say the wrong the things and the former Oklahoma and Cowboys head coach would fit that bill.
  • Pac Man Jones: The current bad boy of the NFL will lead the parties at the house maybe even making it rain a little.
  • Paul Shirley: Yes, I know he might be the worst player in the history of the NBA, but he has been able to make a career out of being this bad and his writing.
  • Joey Styles: I can not wait until the first time he says: "Oh My god Cantona just kung fu kick Pac Man.''

ESPN should really look into doing this, because after the Bronx is Burning is done they will actually have to show real sports and they're probably not ready for that.

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