Friday, May 04, 2007

Move over Arsene

The FA has a new person that they are after, its not Arsene Wenger, and really its not a person at all. The FA is going to call a hearing about the sending off of Kingsley the Lion, the mascot of Reading Football Club. Kinglsey was sent off during win over Newcastle last week for making abusive gestures toward the ref. At the time the ref thought it was a Reading player that was making the gestures.
"Ref Mike Riley sent off Kingsley during Reading's 1-0 win over Newcastle. The FA officials confirmed the 6ft 5in furry-suit-wearing cheerleader faces an official warning,'' The Daily Mirror said.

Here is so video of Kinglsey during a happier time. I really think The FA has lost it. These are the same people that brought us Sven, to the 10 year construction of their new national stadium, to banning a mascot for a couple of games, The FA really covers a lot of ground.

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