Sunday, April 15, 2007

Sweet Lou is at it again

It only took Lou Pinella two weeks before he popped his top with the Chicago Cubs. After a Friday afternoon loss to the Reds, Pinella let the press have it.
"What the hell do you think isn't working? You see the damn game.''

Then this classic:
"And then I bring in the reliever who's throwing 30- to 40-foot curveballs to boot. I can see. I can start to see some of the ways this team has lost ballgames. I can see it. We've got to correct it obviously. ... This game here is one that got away from us that really shouldn't."

While he was at it Pinella took a shot at his ace Carlos Zambrano:

"This guy is your ace, you got a 5-0 lead with the eighth and ninth hitters coming up, you feel pretty good about that inning and all of a sudden it turns into a six-run inning.''

But Sweet Lou is no stranger to great quotes here are a couple of old school ones:
  • "I cussed him out in Spanish, and he threw me out in English."
  • "Statistics are like bikinis. They show a lot, but not everything."

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