Saturday, March 03, 2007

Endy in the Outfield's Nationals Preview

The Previews will be run from worst to first. So all enjoy. Washington Nationals
By Endy in the Outfield
Offseason Additions - 1B Dmitri Young; SP Jerome Williams; OF Chris Snelling; Manager Manny Acta; 4 Venezuelan Teenagers
Offseason Losses - SP Tony Armas Jr; SP Joey Eischen; SP Ramon Ortiz; OF Alfonso Soriano
2007 Preview - You know a team is in trouble when they still have 4/5ths of their Starting rotation still up in the air, and those vying for a starting rotation spot (RHP Jerome Williams, RHP Beltran Perez, LHP Billy Traber, RHP Jason Bergmann, and LHP Matt Chico, just to name a few) are all under 29 and make less than your average newspaper reporter. With Alfonso Soriano departing to the South Side, the Nats will have to find a way to make up for his 46 HRs 95 RBI and 41 SB. Things are looking so bleak in Washington, even Frank Robinson won't show up for a "Frank Robinson Day" tribute.
Prediciton - Easily put: At least 100 losses this year. Most likely Cordero will be traded at some point throughout the season, and depending on who they get in return could mean another 5 losses easily. The only bright spot will be 22 year old third baseman Ryan Zimmerman who hit .287 with 20 HR and 110 RBI in his first full major league season. However, Zimmerman needs to be more patient at the plate (120 SO in '06) and consistent on the field.

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